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Mod Squad (MODSQUAD.COM.AU) is owned and operated by web producer and video gamer Jason ‘antithesis’ Chipperfield.

Jason has worked in the web development industry for over 20 years as a freelance Web Producer and UX Designer with a core focus on ecommerce. Mod Squad was born in 2018 to share Jason’s 40 years of video gaming product knowledge and experience with his fellow gamers.

Jason began a life-long obsession with video gaming in the late 1970s. His father repaired arcade machines at the local bowling alley and the garage at home was full of machines in various states of repair. As a young boy, Jason had free reign over his very own video game arcade!

Jason’s 1980s youth was misspent on Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Nintendo and Sega consoles before graduating to PC gaming in the 1990s. Weary of the perpetual PC hardware upgrade cycle and endless Blue Screens of Death, he returned to console gaming on PS3 in 2007.

As a PC gamer, Jason wanted to play console shooters using a mouse & keyboard. A gruelling four year search ended with the discovery of XIM 3 in 2011, which delivered a PC-like experience on console. A similar desire to use PS3 steering wheels on next-gen consoles led to Titan One in 2014.

To Jason’s surprise, not only did Titan One support steering wheels, it also supported XIM devices. The pairing of XIM and Titan offered unparalleled customisation for console gaming, notably as assistive technology for disabled gamers. Jason has difficulty using a controller due to limited sensation and mobility in his right thumb, so this was a quality-of-life game changer.

Jason has since immersed himself in the XIM and Titan communities to help gamers from all walks of life use their preferred input devices on console. As ‘antithesis’, he is a prominent member of the XIM Community, a mod on the ConsoleTuner forums, and an Alpha product tester for XIM Technologies and ConsoleTuner.

You’ll find Jason plugging away on the other side of the screen filling product orders, helping noobs on the XIM and ConsoleTuner forums and embarrassing himself on Twitch doing live demos of the products he loves.

Enjoy your stay at Mod Squad. For pre-sales, orders and general enquiries, please contact us.

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