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Join a community of like-minded Aussie gamers in the Mod Squad and we’ll reward you with 5% off XIM Apex, just for starters.

Get live support, team up to pubstomp, share your mods, show off your gear, promote your channels, join our affiliate program (soon), or just play your way…Mod Squad is here to help you make the most of your new toys!

Mod Squad holds monthly giveaways, offers exclusive discounts and shares scripts, tips & tricks with our Twitch, YouTube and Discord followers, so we’ll make it worth your while to stick around.

If you don’t have accounts at Twitch, Discord, YouTube or Twitter, the sign-up process is quick and easy –

  1. Twitch – click Sign up at top right
  2. Discord – enter your details
  3. YouTube – click SIGN IN at top right
  4. Twitter – enter your details

It takes 30 seconds per site to register, you’ll help us to gain a foothold on these platforms and we’ll line your pockets with more than lint for your trouble.

Please excuse the tumbleweeds while we set things up on Twitch, Discord and YouTube. Our channels will be brim full of content soon. We’re working hard to finalise our pro-level streaming setup and will launch by the end of February.