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CronusMAX PLUS  Controller Adapter


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Use Rapid Fire, Antirecoil, Aim Assist and more on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, without modifying your controller.

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CronusMAX PLUS supports PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC. Use wired Xbox 360 & Xbox One controllers, or wireless PS4 & PS3 controllers on your preferred console.
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CronusMAX PLUS Controller Adapter

Winner of Editor's Choice award, CronusMAX PLUS is the world's best selling converter for video game controllers and joysticks.

CronusMAX PLUS works on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, PlayStation TV and Windows PC.

Run hundreds of pre-made Gamepacks and thousands of free ready-to-use GPC scripts for the latest games without any special chips or messy soldering.

Connect PC steering wheels, arcade sticks, HOTAS controllers and virtually any joystick to console games using Cronus PRO PC app and X-AIM plugin.



Use any compatible controller on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC. Connect wireless PS4, PS3, Wii and Wii U controllers to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC (wireless Xbox One controllers are not supported).


Remap buttons, d-pads, analog sticks, bumpers, triggers and paddles on any compatible gaming controller using the free MAX Mapper plugin for Cronus PRO software.


Use Logitech G25, G27, G29 and Driving Force force feedback steering wheels on PS4, including shifter and pedal support (via supported USB hub).


Use mice, keyboards & joysticks on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360 using the free X-AIM plugin for Cronus PRO software (requires Windows PC connection).


Drag-and-drop CronusMAX Gamepacks onto a memory slot, select the mods you want to use and own the battlefield. Over 100 Gamepacks are available for the most popular games.


Add powerful mods to any console game. Download thousands of free, ready-to-use GPC scripts for the latest games from the CronusMAX GPC Library.


Replay complex sequences of button presses, like 99-hit combos in fighting games, or gold-farming runs in role-playing games, using the free MAX Rec plugin for Cronus Pro Software.


CronusMAX Tournament Edition firmware mode provides mod-free, low-lag, wired controller connections on PS4 and Xbox One for 100% legal competitive event play.

Cronus PRO

Cronus PRO is the Windows PC app for configuring, programming and sharing CronusMAX PLUS mod scripts and macros.

Cronus PRO features a Visual Scripting interface for new users to create their own mods, a built-in Online Library of pre-made mod scripts, a GPC Script IDE to edit mod scripts, and a Programmer interface to install Gamepacks & mod scripts onto CronusMAX PLUS.

Cronus PRO adds a number of plugins including X-AIM to connect Windows PC gaming devices to console, MAX Mapper to remap buttons, MAX Combo to record & convert mods to GPC code, and MAX Rec to record, playback and share macros.

Popular Mods


Turn semi-auto weapons into automatic or burst-fire weapons.


Reduce weapon recoil to improve bullet accuracy.


Stickier aim assist to keep your target in sight.


Push the thumbstick all the way forward to sprint automatically.


Aim down sights on a sniper rifle and fire automatically.


Ping the enemy location to your team automatically.


Crouch up & down automatically when firing a weapon.


Drop to the ground automatically when firing a weapon.


Move side-to-side automatically when firing a weapon.


Automatically jump while sprinting to put enemies off their shot.


Automatically punch or swing a knife as fast as possible.


Hold a grenade and toss it automatically before it explodes.


Use a glitch in some games to shoot faster than normal.


Use a glitch is some games to reload faster than normal.


Prevent your character getting kicked from a game server.

health - outline


Automatically hold breath for improved sniping precision.


Aim downs sights and fire weapons at the lightest touch.


Swap bumpers and triggers for that old-school gaming feel.

* Example mods only. Mods are repeating button presses and / or stick movements, not cheat codes. Some mods work in all games, others depend on game features or glitches to work.

Please review the list of Compatible Controllers, supported GamePacks, Conditions and FAQ prior to purchase.

CronusMAX PLUS Contents

  • CronusMAX PLUS controller adapter
  • Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter
  • PS4 USB sound card
  • 3.5mm 4 pole headset extension cable (2m)
  • mini-USB cable (1m)
  • Cronus PRO Windows PC app and plugins (via CronusMAX)
  • Over 100 FREE Gamepacks and an online library of GPC Scripts (via Cronus PRO app)

CronusMAX PLUS Requirements


  • Cronus PRO app requires a PC running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64.
  • CronusMAX PLUS firmware updates require a PC running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64.

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

  • CronusMAX PLUS requires a genuine Sony DUALSHOCK 4 controller and micro-USB cable (not included) for startup authentication.
  • Enable Wired Communication via Settings → Devices → Controllers → Communication Method: Use USB Cable.
  • Full Crossover Controller Support and/or PS4 Wheel Mode requires CronusMAX USB Hub (sold separately).
  • CronusMAX PLUS supports steering wheels on PS4 only.

Xbox One

  • CronusMAX PLUS requires a genuine Microsoft Xbox One controller and micro-USB cable (not included) for startup authentication. Xbox One play-and-charge kit not supported.
  • CronusMAX PLUS does not support Xbox One controller wireless or BlueTooth connections.
  • Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is not compatible with CronusMAX PLUS.

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

  • CronusMAX PLUS requires a genuine Sony DUALSHOCK 3 controller and mini-USB cable (not included) for startup authentication.

Xbox 360

  • CronusMAX PLUS requires a genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller (not included) for startup authentication. Wireless Xbox 360 controller with play-and-charge kit not supported.
  • Wireless Xbox 360 controller requires a 360 wireless receiver (not included).


  • Requires an original PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller (model CUH-ZCT1) to work with CronusMAX PLUS.

Windows PC

  • CronusMAX does not support mouse & keyboard input on PC. Mouse & keyboard PC passthrough is for supported consoles only.


  • Only one controller can be synced to CronusMAX at a time.
  • Chatpads and headsets connected to the controller 3.5mm jack are not supported. CronusMAX PLUS includes a USB Sound Card and 3.5mm extension cable for PS3 & PS4 (USB audio is not supported on Xbox consoles).
  • Wireless support for PS4, PS3, Wiimote & Wii U Pro controller requires Bluetooth USB receiver (included).
  • Set the Output Protocol in Cronus PRO configuration app to AUTOMATIC, or match your console’s protocol.
  • Turn the console on by using the power button. CronusMAX PLUS will be bypassed by a wireless connection if turning the console on via a controller.


CronusMAX borrows the identity of a genuine gaming controller through the process of authentication. The Security ID of the controller connected to CronusMAX is stored on the device and the console detects CronusMAX as that specific controller.

Disconnect the authentication controller, then connect any compatible controller to CronusMAX. CronusMAX will convert the controller’s signals to the console in real time. This allows the use of almost any controller on any supported gaming system.

The controller used for authentication cannot be used while the CronusMAX has borrowed the security ID of that controller. A console only allows one unique security ID to be used at any one time.

CronusMAX and Titan One share a common ancestor (GamepadProxy) and have many features in common.

CronusMAX firmware updates stopped in May 2017, with no new features since that time. Titan One remains under active development, with the latest updates adding support for Nintendo Switch consoles, wireless Xbox One S controllers and Xbox One Elite Series 2 compatibility.

  1. Titan One supports wireless connection to Xbox One S (model 1708) controller. CronusMAX does not.
  2. Titan One supports wireless Xbox One S controller connection to Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. CronusMAX does not.
  3. Titan One supports Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. CronusMAX does not.
  4. Titan One supports Nintendo Switch console. CronusMAX does not.
  5. Titan One supports Xbox One Elite Series 2 controllers. CronusMAX does not.
  6. Titan One supports PS4 Remote Play on PC and Mac. CronusMAX does not.
  7. Titan One supports DUALSHOCK V2 (CUH-ZCT2U) controllers on XIM APEX. CronusMAX does not.
  8. Titan One connects XIM APEX to PS4 Remote Play. CronusMAX does not.
  9. CronusMAX includes a Bluetooth adapter and USB sound card for PS4. Titan One does not (Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter sold separately).
  10. CronusMAX has a larger library of pre-made Gamepacks than Titan One, however all CronusMAX GPC Library Scripts (several thousand) work natively on Titan One.
  11. CronusMAX has PS4 Wheel Mode and Full PS4 Crossover Support via CronusMAX USB Hub. Titan One does not.

We recommend Titan One for PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac due to better gaming system and wireless support. PS4 is 50/50, depending on needs – XIM APEX & PS4 Remote Play (Titan One), or PS4 wheel & full crossover (CronusMAX USB Hub).

CronusMAX is compatible with PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 and Windows PC (7/8/10).

CronusMAX requires a genuine Sony DUALSHOCK 4 (PS4), Sony DUALSHOCK 3 (PS3), Sony Six-Axis (PS3), Xbox One, Xbox One S (model 1708) or Xbox One Elite controller connected via USB for start up authentication with the gaming system.

After authenticating CronusMAX with a genuine controller, CronusMAX will work with other controllers, including PS3 Move Navigation Controller, Wiimote, Wii U Pro, Mad Catz fightsticks, Thrustmaster HOTAS (via X-AIM plugin for Cronus PRO), Logitech steering wheels (PS4 only via CronusMAX USB Hub), XIM APEX, and some models of Scuf, Hori, Nacon, PowerA and Razer controllers.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, Scuf Vantage, Scuf Vantage 2, Razer Raiju Tournament, Razer Raiju Ultimate, Steam, Nacon Revolution Pro 2, Astro C40, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are not supported.

View the full list of compatible controllers for more information. Please confirm that your controller works with CronusMAX prior to purchase.

CronusMAX PLUS includes a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for DUALSHOCK 4 (PS4), DUALSHOCK 3 (PS3), Six-Axis (PS3), Move Navigation Controller (PS3), Nintendo Wiimote and Nintendo Wii U Pro controllers.

Xbox 360 wireless controllers require a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver (not included).

CronusMAX has no support for wireless Xbox One, Xbox One Elite or Xbox One S (model 1708) controllers.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are not supported.

Supported wireless controllers can be used on PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, PlayStation TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. The controller connects to CronusMAX via Bluetooth and CronusMAX connects via USB to the gaming system.

View the CronusMAX Controller Guides to connect and use a wireless controller on your preferred gaming system.

CronusMAX is set to communicate with a console at 1ms by default, which is virtually undetectable. However, this may cause additional input lag due to USB desynchronisation with a connected third-party controller, e.g. XIM APEX may flash purple to indicate a timing issue.

For stability and compatibility, we recommend disabling 1ms Response in Cronus PRO → Tools → Options → Device and setting Output Protocol (same Cronus PRO tab) to match the gaming system you’re currently using. PlayStation 4 has controller input lag of 4ms. Xbox One has controller input lag of 8ms.

For Gamepacks, GPC scripts & macros, the default processing loop of CronusMAX is 10ms. This cannot be changed in a Gamepack, but can be reduced in GPC scripts using the vm_tctrl command to speed up mods at the cost of increased CPU load. It’s not recommended to go below 4ms for the processing loop as input may not be detected by the console and the CronusMAX CPU may be put under excessive load.

CronusMAX will work in any game on any compatible gaming system, however supported control methods vary from game to game. For example not all PC games support controller input. 

Each CronusMAX device supports only one gaming controller at a time. Multiple CronusMAX devices can be used on a supported gaming system if additional mod-enabled or console-crossover controllers are required.

PS4 authenticates DUALSHOCK 4 controllers with the console every 10 minutes. Wired or wireless DUALSHOCK 4 controllers connected to CronusMAX automatically respond to authentication pings and won’t disrupt gameplay when PS4 partial crossover is disabled in Cronus PRO. .

When using a crossover controller on PS4 via CronusMAX, e.g. Xbox One Elite controller, there will be a short disruption while PS4 reauthenticates CronusMAX.

Open Cronus PRO configuration software on PC, go to Tools → Options → CronusMAX and tick Enable PS4 partial crossover support. CronusMAX responds to console requests by quickly disconnecting and reconnecting CronusMAX to PS4, which takes only a fraction of a second.

A CronusMAX USB Hub (sold separately) can remove these momentary disconnects by providing full time authentication support for third-party and crossover controllers.

CronusMAX has no support for 3.5mm headsets or microphones attached to the controller. CronusMAX PLUS includes a USB soundcard to solve this problem on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

View Compatible Headsets & Solutions for headset recommendations and a two-controller workaround for Xbox One.

CronusMAX has no support for chatpads connected to the controller.

Messages can be typed using the connected controller, or use the iOS or Android chat apps for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam etc.

Steering wheels may be connected to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One via the X-AIM plugin for Cronus PRO software. Wheels connected by X-AIM to CronusMAX will behave like a controller rather than a native steering wheel, with no support for Force Feedback or other wheel features or effects.

Logitech G25, G27, G29 and Driving Force steering wheels are supported on PlayStation 4 via the CronusMAX USB Hub (sold separately), with support for Force Feedback, shifters and pedals. A PC connection to Cronus PRO is not required when using a CronusMAX USB Hub. CronusMAX must be set to PS4 Wheel Mode.

The MAX Mapper plugin for Cronus PRO software can remap buttons, analog sticks and sensors to customise the controller layout for any game.

MAX Mapper stores custom layouts as Remapper Profiles in Cronus PRO. Remapper Profiles can be dragged and dropped from the Programmer tab to a CronusMAX Memory Slot.

CronusMAX controller adapter and Cronus PRO configuration software can be used for Windows PC gaming when using a supported DUALSHOCK 4 (PS4) or Xbox One controller. It is not possible to use a mouse & keyboard on PC via CronusMAX.

CronusMAX works with gaming services like Steam, Origin, Epic Games Launcher & Uplay Launcher.

Supported input methods will vary from game to game. Most modern games on Steam support Xbox One S (model 1708) and DUALSHOCK 4 (PS4) controllers. Look for “Full controller support” in the game’s Store Page in Steam to check for gamepad support prior to purchasing or installing a PC game.

A Windows PC is required to use a mouse & keyboard in console games via the X-AIM plugin for Cronus PRO software. It is not possible to use a mouse & keyboard on PC via CronusMAX, X-AIM is for console gaming only.

We recommend XIM APEX or Titan Two instead of CronusMAX for a superior console mouse & keyboard experience, without a PC connection.

PC-connected devices such as joysticks, flight sticks and steering wheels can be connected to console games via CronusMAX and the X-AIM plugin for Cronus PRO software.

There is no macOS support for CronusMAX controller adapter or Cronus PRO configuration software.

CronusMAX does not support Nintendo Switch consoles.

CronusMAX offers partial support for XIM APEX to add Gamepacks, GPC scripts and macros. XIM APEX features such as 1000Hz polling, controller headset audio & Push to Talk are not supported.

Using a XIM APEX with CronusMAX on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 requires a genuine console controller connected to the XIM APEX USB hub at all times, e.g. a DUALSHOCK 4 on PS4. Unlike Titan One, CronusMAX does not work with DUALSHOCK 4 V2 (CUH-ZCT2) controllers and Xbox One requires the controller battery be removed.

If XIM APEX flashes purple when connected to CronusMAX, there is a USB timing mismatch between the two devices, resulting in additional input lag to the gaming system. To resolve, disable Inframe In, Inframe Out & 1ms Response in Cronus PRO → Tools → Options → Device and/or use a XIM APEX Response Rate of 125 or 250Hz in XIM APEX Manager → Global Settings.

CronusMAX has no support for PS4 Remote Play on PC or Mac.

If Remote Play is important, consider Titan One or Titan Two instead of CronusMAX.

Using a CronusMAX to connect a DUALSHOCK 4 controller to Xbox One, or a G25 Steering Wheel to PS4, or a mouse & keyboard from PC to console etc, is not considered cheating. CronusMAX is simply a bridge between the console and your preferred controller. Many disabled gamers (20% of video gamers are disabled) use controller adapters as assistive technology and would not be able to play video games without a CronusMAX or similar device.

The majority of mods like Rapid Fire, Antirecoil and Easy Sprint are almost zero risk as they simply automate normal controller input and are difficult to detect. Arguably, Gamepacks, GPC scripts & macros can be classed as assistive technology as disabled gamers may not be able to press or hold controller buttons.

We don’t recommend mods that exploit in-game glitches, or telegraph their use, such as Aim Assist Abuse, Jitter weapon-swapping, or AFK XP or gold farming. Likewise, it is high-risk to stream on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Mixer while using mods or macros. Be aware that if you are streaming, or a game has match recording, observer mode, or kill feeds, there is an increased risk of being reported for cheating.

There is no such thing as an aimbot on consoles. Unlike Windows PC where every file of a game can be accessed and potentially hacked, consoles are closed environments with no direct access to the operating system. CronusMAX has no access to game code, netcode, the CPU, RAM, hard drive or network interface.

CronusMAX is a controller adapter and Gamepacks, GPC scripts & macros simply automate button presses and/or stick movements. CronusMAX mods are not aimbots. Rather, they use a game’s Aim Assist to make targeting an opponent easier, but it is not possible to auto-aim at a target.

CronusMAX Gamepacks or GPC scripts that falsely claim to be “aimbots” perform one or more of three basic actions:

  1.  Rapidly zoom the Aim Down Sights button (L2 / LB) in and out to exploit the target lock-on effect of Aim Assist. Very few games support this method of Aim Assist, so it’s largely ineffective.
  2. Circle or wiggle the right analog stick in a small zone around the crosshair to increase the effective range of Aim Assist. This method of Aim Assist does work in some popular games, however Aim Assist in multi-player tends to be lower than single-player and the effect is of dubious value.
  3. “100% accuracy” mods reduce the fire-rate of automatic weapons to prevent reticle bloom (crosshairs increasing in size over time). This can be an effective tactic at long range, but it reduces damage per second (DPS) by nerfing fire-rate. It’s preferable to tap-fire long range shots to prevent bloom, while retaining full DPS at closer ranges.

All Gamepacks and GPC scripts with “aimbot” mods perform the same actions listed above. The only variance is the timing of button hold and release commands that are coded into a mod.

CronusMAX Gamepacks, GPC scripts and macros have been used on PlayStation, Xbox and PC for many years. CronusMAX appears as the gaming controller connected to it (or authenticated by it) and it is currently undetectable by compatible gaming systems, gaming networks and video games.

There are no reports of anyone being banned for using a CronusMAX, nor any other mod-capable controller adapter. In fact, CronusMAX is used in competitive console esports tournaments due to its ability to virtually eliminate controller input lag.

Bans and suspensions are typically the result of poor online behaviour, not the device used to play a game.

A mod (or combo) is a short, repeating sequence of controller button presses and/or analog stick movements to automate in-game actions. For example, Rapid Fire automatically repeats R2 / RT button presses while a trigger is held. Similarly, Antirecoil automatically emulates the downward pull of a right analog stick while shooting to counter the upwards movement of a crosshair.

Multiple mods can be active at the same time, e.g. Rapid Fire and Antirecoil use different controller buttons and can perform their actions concurrently. Mods that affect the same buttons or analog sticks cannot be active at the same time, e.g enable Drop Shot, or Strafe Shot, or Crouch Shot, not all of them.

Use MAX Combo plugin for Cronus PRO software to record and convert controller button presses to editable GPC mods in seconds.

Macros are automated sequences of button presses and/or analog stick movements that can be several minutes in length and repeated indefinitely. An example might be a farming run in a zone of Elder Scrolls Online, or a full length song recording in Guitar Hero.

Macros can be recorded using the MAX Rec plugin for Cronus PRO software, then played back via CronusMAX to any video game on a supported gaming system.

A Gamepack is a pre-made pack of mods created for a specific game by the CronusMAX developers. Over 100 free Gamepacks can be downloaded from the Programmer tab of the Cronus PRO software.

Gamepack settings can be customised using a configuration menu, but Gamepacks are not open-source and cannot be edited to add, change or remove individual mods.

GPC (GamepadProxy C) is a subset of the C programming language created by Jefferson Koppe (the inventor of GamepadProxy, CronusMAX, Titan One and Titan Two) to author Gamepacks and mods.

GPC scripts are community-made mod packs that do not feature a configuration menu. Thousands of free GPC scripts are available for download from the GPC Script Library on the CronusMAX website, or through the Online Library tab of the Cronus PRO software.

GPC scripts can be coded from scratch, or existing GPC scripts can be edited via the GPC Compiler tab of Cronus PRO. GPC scripts are open-source, so mods can be added, changed or removed to customise a script for your specific needs.

CronusMAX is compatible with Titan One GPC scripts. Titan Two GPC scripts do not work on CronusMAX.

Download and install Cronus PRO software for Windows PC, then view the Quick Start Guide to learn how to setup CronusMAX.

CronusMAX has extensive online documentation covering the CronusMAX hardware, supported gaming controllers, Cronus PRO software, plugins, Gamepacks, GPC scripting and more.

Download and install Cronus PRO software for Windows PC. Use the supplied mini-USB cable to connect CronusMAX to PC via the PROG port. Open Cronus PRO and select Tools → Firmware Update to install the latest firmware to your CronusMAX device.

Download and install Cronus PRO software for Windows PC. Gamepacks are downloaded via the Programmer tab of Cronus PRO. GPC scripts are downloaded via the Online Library tab of Cronus PRO.

Gamepacks and GPC scripts are installed to CronusMAX by opening Cronus PRO software on PC and connecting CronusMAX to PC via the PROG port. Cronus PRO will automatically detect the connected CronusMAX. 

From the Programmer tab in Cronus PRO, drag a Gamepack from the GAMEPACKS menu onto a CronusMAX Memory Slot. An easy-to-use configuration menu will open for the selected Gamepack. Configure your preferred settings, then click the Program Device button to install. To reopen a Gamepack’s configuration menu, click the CronusMAX memory slot number in the Programmer tab.

Download GPC scripts via the Online Library tab of Cronus PRO. Browse or Search for a GPC script, then select the Download button to the right of the script. The GPC script will automatically open in the GPC Compiler tab of Cronus PRO. If required, edit the red values in a GPC script to customise to your needs, then open the Compiler menu and select Compile (or press F7).  If there are no errors in the GPC script, click the Save icon, give the file a name and save to your PC.

To install a GPC script to CronusMAX, open the Programmer tab after saving the file and it will appear in the COMPILER SCRIPTS menu. Drag and drop the GPC script to a CronusMAX Memory Slot, then click Program Device to install to CronusMAX.

Titan One Gamepacks are locked within the ecosystem of Gtuner Pro configuration app and cannot be installed on CronusMAX.

Many Titan One GPC scripts feature the same mods (and more) as a Titan One Gamepack. Titan One GPC scripts are compatible with CronusMAX.

Titan One and CronusMAX scripts share the same GPC programming language and will run natively on both devices.

Video game developers change game mechanics on a frequent basis, so it’s not unusual for a mod to stop working months or years after a Gamepack or GPC script was created, e.g. Jitter weapon-swapping exploits in CoD games don’t work for very long.

Game developers may change the stickiness of aim assist, reduce the lock-on effect of aiming down sights, patch gameplay exploits, increase recoil or reticle bloom, remove weapons etc. Game changes are beyond the control of CronusMAX and a Gamepack or mod script may have a reduced effect, or no longer work.

Mod Squad does not provide support for Gamepacks, GPC scripts or macros. Visit the Gamepack Support or Script Support forums on the CronusMAX website, or create your own mods to adjust for changes to gameplay. We do not provide any form of compensation if the CronusMAX device, a Gamepack, GPC script, or macro does not perform as you’d like in a game.

Please refer to the Support tab above for links to manuals, software, tutorials and/or troubleshooting. The product manufacturer has the knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose and resolve common issues.

Please check the Conditions tab prior to purchase for CronusMAX PLUS requirements and limitations.

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CronusMAX PLUS Support

For manuals, software, tutorials and troubleshooting, visit the CronusMAX website.

Contact us for pre-sales information, general advice and order enquiries.

View Conditions for product, gaming system and/or controller requirements. Read the FAQ for frequently asked product questions and answers.

Product demonstrations are streamed live on Twitch. Check the Stream Schedule for upcoming games and stream times. Subscribe to Twitter for product alerts. Join our Discord server for community advice and peer support.