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Titan Connection KitTitan Connection Kit
Titan Connection Kit
Titan Connection Kit

Titan Connection Kit


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This 5-Pack of Premium Gold Plated USB Cables and Adapters is designed to meet the high standards of competitive gaming.

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Product Description

Titan Connection Kit Premium USB Cables & Adapters

Titan Connection Kit is a 5-Pack of premium gold plated micro USB cables and adapters designed to offer a clean, fast and trouble-free video gaming connection for Titan One, Titan Two, XIM Apex and CronusMAX PLUS.

A faulty, low-quality or power-only USB cable is the most common troubleshooting issue affecting console adapters. Titan Connection Kit is designed to solve that problem.

Micro USB Cable 1.8m (5.9 FT)
The perfect length to connect gaming controllers to Titan Two or XIM Apex. Can also be used to connect the Titan Two programming port to PC or Mac for device configuration and GPC script development.

Micro USB Cable 1.0m (3.3 FT)
The ideal length to connect Titan Two to PC or Mac for device configuration and GPC script development.

Micro USB Cable 30cm (1 FT)
Designed to keep the authentication controller close to Titan Two and out of the way.

Micro USB OTG Adapter
Convert either of the rear Micro-USB ports on Titan Two to an extra input port for controllers, keyboards, mice or any other compatible gaming device.

Data Link Adapter
Titan Two is powered by one of the rear Micro-USB ports. The Data Link Adapter allows manual selection of which port to power Titan Two. When Titan Two has connections on both rear micro-USB ports, use the Data Link Adapter on the port with the longest cable.

  • Cables and adapters specially designed for Titan Two
  • Gold plated connectors for the best connectivity, reinforced with PET coating for durability
  • 20 AWG power lines for reduced voltage drop and current up to 2.5A
  • Compatible with high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps) and low-speed (1.5Mbps) USB devices
  • OTG Adapter can be used to connect Titan Two to Android devices like Nvidia Shield

Your Purchase Includes

  • Micro USB Cable 1.8m (5.9 FT)
  • Micro USB Cable 1.0m (3.3 FT)
  • Micro USB Cable 30cm (1 FT)
  • Micro USB OTG Adapter
  • Data Link Adapter


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