Why buy from us?

Mod Squad / Why buy from us?


Mod Squad is the official Australian distributor for XIM Technologies and ConsoleTuner products, including XIM Apex, Titan One and Titan Two. We are also an authorised retailer for CronusMAX products.

All Mod Squad products are genuine, imported direct from the manufacturer and stocked locally in Brisbane, Australia. Deliveries are tracked via Australia Post with optional Extra Cover and Signature on Delivery.

Mod Squad pays all taxes & duties, provides full Australian consumer guarantees and delivers Australia-wide quickly & safely.

By contrast, sellers on eBay a) are not XIM distributors, b) offer no warranty, c) are not located in Australia, d) do not collect or pay GST, and e) provide inaccurate shipping estimates with no tracking (only 20% arrive on time).

Not only do grey-market eBay sellers breach Australian consumer guarantees by offering a 7 day warranty period (mandatory 12 month warranties apply in Australia), they are evading GST obligations for low value imports as of July 1, 2018.

What this means to you

Mod Squad has an official eBay Store at https://www.ebay.com.au/str/Mod-Squad-AU. No other eBay seller is authorised to sell XIM Apex in Australia. XIM Technologies warns that it is “buyers beware on eBay” and to be cautious of fraudulent listings.

Buying from cheap eBay sellers means the following –

1. Despite appearing to be Australian eBay listings, your products are shipped from overseas and may be seized by customs. With no way for the buyer to pay GST and duties on the sale (the seller must pay it), your shipment will be disposed of with no compensation.

3. No delivery tracking means eBay sellers can deny all responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit, leaving you out of pocket for hundreds of dollars.

4. With no Australian legal consumer guarantees for overseas sellers, you have no warranty if your product breaks. Mod Squad does not provide warranty coverage for third-party purchases on eBay, Amazon, Gumtree etc.

Combined, these factors make for a risky purchase on eBay, not only stacked against the consumer, but also against Australian small businesses who cannot compete with overseas sellers cheating our legal and taxation systems.

Do the right thing and buy Australian. Supporting local business means we can compete with overseas traders, whilst protecting your consumer rights, covering all of your GST costs, and ensuring that your goods arrive safely and quickly.