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XIM APEX Power Adapter  


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Wall socket adapter to power your XIM APEX mouse, keyboard & controller and prevent console disconnects.

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If XIM APEX is flashing red & yellow, or the mouse or keyboard have lost control, they may be drawing too much power. A power adapter for XIM APEX can solve the problem.
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XIM APEX Power Adapter

RGB lighting or in-built USB hubs on gaming keyboards, wireless mouse charging, or an undercharged controller can draw more power than a single USB console port can supply to XIM APEX.

High power drain may result in XIM APEX disconnecting from the console to protect your devices from power surges and brownouts. XIM APEX will flash red & yellow when the console can’t provide enough power to connected devices.

If your XIM APEX randomly stops responding, or your character is stuck circling or strafing on-screen, high power draw from your mouse & keyboard is the most likely cause.

This power adapter slots neatly into the power port of the XIM APEX USB hub to solve disconnection issues caused by power-hungry devices, like Corsair, Glorious, or Razer mice and keyboards.


  • 100V – 240V 50 / 60Hz Input
  • DC 5V 3A / 3000mA 15W Output
  • 3.5mm x 1.35mm centre positive (+) jack
  • 110 cm cable length

Please review Conditions and FAQ prior to purchase.

XIM APEX Power Adapter Contents

  • Australian power adapter for XIM APEX USB Hub

XIM APEX Power Adapter Requirements

  • Connect to the power port on the XIM APEX USB hub to supply the mouse, keyboard and controller connected to XIM APEX.
  • Do not use with daisy-chained USB hubs, or four or more USB devices connected to XIM APEX as power supply may be insufficient.
  • To prevent damage to your devices, do not use a power adapter with an adjustable voltage switch.

XIM APEX Power Adapter FAQ

A single console USB ports supplies only 5V of power to XIM APEX. In some setups, this may not be enough to power XIM APEX, a keyboard, a mouse and a console controller when a console USB port is designed to support a single 5V device.

For example, Razer, Glorious and Corsair devices with heavy RGB lighting or built-in USB hubs may cause XIM APEX to disconnect from the console to prevent damage from power spikes or brownouts. The LED on XIM APEX will flash red and yellow when there is not enough power to meet the demands of your devices.

If you find yourself stuck in a strafe, circling on the spot or your mouse or keyboard randomly disconnect from XIM APEX, insufficient power supply may be the cause.

XIM APEX does not come pre-packaged with a power adapter as most setups should not require one. Instead, the XIM APEX USB hub includes a 5V power port for power-hungry setups.

XIM APEX Power Adapter supplies 5V of power where it’s needed most, at the USB hub. This provides a steady power supply for a mouse, keyboard and fully charged controller to help prevent XIM APEX disconnects from the console.

XIM APEX Power Adapter is designed to support a mouse, keyboard and fully charged controller.

If the controller is undercharged, it will attempt to use the full 5V itself to charge the internal battery, which may not leave enough to power the mouse and keyboard. Charge a DUALSHOCK controller on the console before connecting to XIM APEX. Xbox controllers will work fine without a battery when connected to XIM APEX.

Some mice or keyboards with heavy RGB lighting, such as Glorious Model O mice, or  Corsair “K” model keyboards, may require more than 5V of power. Disabling RGB lighting on these devices may reduce power needs enough to work with a XIM APEX Power Adapter.

For keyboards with two USB cables, the data cable should be attached to XIM APEX USB hub and the power cable should be connected to a PC or USB wall charger.

XIM APEX supports daisy-chaining of USB hubs to add more than three USB devices. In this case, 5V from the XIM APEX Power Adapter may not be enough and one or more USB devices may be unresponsive.

When using four or more devices with XIM APEX, we recommend replacing the XIM APEX USB hub with a powered 4 or 7-port USB hub.

Please check the Conditions tab prior to purchase for XIM APEX Power Adapter requirements and limitations.

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